Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

There is little that affects the look of your house more significantly than the exterior siding you select. While you shop, search for a siding material that meets the architectural style of your property, as well as fitting your way of life. Siding needs little to no maintenance, and dirt and grime quickly rinse off. You’ll also never have to repaint, and vinyl is relatively inexpensive in comparison with other siding materials.


Aluminum siding may seem like an old-fashioned option, however, it is a valid alternative to vinyl. Both materials are simple to maintain and fairly durable. Aluminum can dent and fade, however it will not crack the way in which vinyl will. In addition, aluminum isn’t usually considered dangerous for your health or even the atmosphere.


Vinyl siding is durable and available in a ton of textures and colors. Since the color is throughout the vinyl, dings, damages and scrapes aren’t as obvious. Advanced production techniques can create siding that does a great job of resembling wood-grain or stone. As well as being lightweight, vinyl can, in most cases, be installed directly over existing materials. This makes it a good retrofit option. And being easy to handle, vinyl installation can be done quickly, which cuts down on labor costs.


Relatively new to the market, insulated vinyl siding includes a layer of broadened polystyrene foam. Insulated vinyl is one of the products that will help a home achieve Energy Star qualification.

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